1. What complaints may I direct to the Selayang Municipal Council?
    Any complaints related to municipal services and issues that require action from Selayang Municipal Council.
  2. Will there be any charges for a complaint?
  3. May I lodge a complaint on behalf of a third party?
    Yes, with permission from the complainant
  4. May I issue an anonymous complaint?
    Yes, if the complaint involves public interest (whistleblower) such as misuse of authority and others.
  5. What are the complaints accepted at the Selayang Municipal Council?
    1. Environment
    2. Buildings
    3. Natural disaster
    4. Bumps
    5. Assessment tax
    6. Animals
    7. Obstructions
    8. Roads
    9. Council Staff
    10. Public Facilities
    11. Earth works
    12. Street lights
    13. Landscape / trees
    14. Drains
    15. Signboard placement issues
    16. Vehicle Parking machines
    17. Playgrounds
    18. Night markets
    19. Enforcements
    20. Maintenance
    21. Licence applications
    22. Commissioner of Building (COB)
    23. MPS Cyber Centre
    24. Garbage
  6. How do I lodge a complaint?
    1. By phone
    2. Visit Selayang Municipal Council
    3. Mail/fax
    4. E-Complaints
    5. E-mail
    6. People Friendly Programme
    7. STARS
  7. What information should I provide / insert in a complaint to the Selayang Municipal Council?
    Personal information of complainant such as name, address, phone number as well as a complete complaint details.
  8. What will happen to my complaint?
    1. MPS will send an acknowledgement letter to the complainant
    2. MPS will investigate all submitted complaints
    3. MPS will inform the current status of the complaints to the complainant
    4. MPS will hold a meeting if required
    5. MPS will submit a feedback letter /directly contact the complainant
  9. How long will it take for MPS to conduct investigations?
    1. According to the MPS Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), submitted complaints must be provided with feedbacks in less than 14 working days.
    2. However, this is subject to the complaint. If the forwarded complaint is easy, it will immediately be resolved and if the complaint is complicated, it will take some time.